Simple Purchase Orders:
The Best Stocky Alternative for Your Store

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As a business owner, your list of things to do in a day is likely endless. So, you know how crucial it is to save as much money and time as you can. When you use good tools and apps that work seamlessly for your business, like those for purchase orders, it can make all the difference. Doing this streamlines your procurement process, so you can relax knowing your business will get the inventory it needs from suppliers on time and without hassle. Stocky is one automated PO option out there, but there are some other great tools worth exploring. Take a look here to learn all about Simple Purchase Orders, the best Stocky alternative for your store.

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Simple Purchase Orders vs. Stocky

SPO best stocky alternative

Simple Purchase Orders makes your life easier by taking your purchase order process and streamlining it with your operations to save you time and money. The tool automates purchase orders, restocks inventory, and fulfills split dropship orders. It’s so simple to set up, and you need zero coding skills. Getting your suppliers set up and products imported with prices at cost, including in bulk, is very straightforward. You can also forward orders to suppliers by creating and emailing PDFs in seconds, and you can split orders between suppliers automatically.

When you use Simple Purchase Orders, inventory management gets easier since the tool tracks what should be restocked and transfers that product to your store with a single click. Plus, order fulfilment speeds up with automated, customized POs and dropshipping as soon as an order comes in.

Simple Purchase Orders Features

  • Use an order, product, or supplier to create a PO that you automatically complete with specific products, variants and/or SKUs.
  • Keep total control over your PO’s look and feel with Simple Purchase Order’s customizable template engine.
  • Maximize customization down to each product variant with cost prices, notes, and supplier SKUs.
  • Automatically send your suppliers orders as soon as you’re paid.
  • Add automatic elements to your POs, like your shop, supplier, and customer details along with the cost price of each product variant.
  • Use any currency you’d like – the tool supports them all.


Trial/Partner: Tier 1


Professional: Tier 2 – 50-100 POs/month


Enterprise: Tier 3 – 100+ POs/month




The Stocky tool aims to improve sales so you can increase profitability and gain more insight into what you need to order and when based on your products’ performance and seasonality. Stocky also allows you to reduce inventory loss by tracking what you have coming in and going out. When your stock is low, you can create POs or transfer merchandise. With one tool, you can also reduce mistakes and save time by avoiding multiple systems or documents for all of your locations.

Stocky Features

  • Create and manage your purchase orders in one spot and communicate with your suppliers about what’s coming in and when you can expect it.
  • Get product recommendations based on your sales and projected demand. 
  • When stock arrives, your staff can use a barcode scanner to receive and place inventory.
  • Quickly replenish or transfer stock to meet customer demand through Shopify POS or Shopify admin.
  • Have staff conduct regular stocktakes by counting or scanning stock.
  • Run reports to make good decisions, including analytics like low stock and best seller reports, stock on hand, ABC analysis, and SKU/variant reports.
  • Use integration with Shopify POS Pro.

Try Simple Purchase Orders, the Best Stocky Alternative, free for 14 days.

No credit card required

Stocky Pricing

Stocky is included with the Shopify POS Pro subscription, which is

Compare: Simple Purchase Orders as the Best Stocky Alternative


Simple Purchase Orders


Free trial

14 days

14 days

Shopify POS Pro Integration


Your Shopify plan
+ $89/month per location

Create & manage POs


Forecast demand


Receive & place inventory


Replenish & transfer stock


Make stocktakes & adjustments


Access reporting for analytics & insights


all features above plus:



Up to 100 POs per month


PO Template Editor


Bulk import and update products via CSV


Priority support


Multi-location enabled


Personalised PO with logo


Update stock levels


Handles split orders and multiple currencies


Auto-create & send PO from order


Send POs directly to suppliers


Restock items from PO


all features above plus:



101+ POs per month


Priority feature requests


There are many ways you can make life easier as a business owner, like with an ideal Stocky alternative automated PO tool to streamline your workflow. An app like Simple Purchase Orders makes your procurement process so much easier, you’ll begin to question why you didn’t start with it sooner! Remember that every tool offers its own functionality and benefits, not to mention different price points, so it’s important to take time to research and compare them before choosing. That said, you have nothing to lose by starting with a free trial of Simple Purchase Orders to see what it’s all about for yourself.

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